Captain Canuck Finale Screening announced.

The fourth and finale installment of the web series Captain Canuck will be screened at an event in Toronto Ontario Canada on March 6th.

captain canuck finale announcement.jpg

The announcement was posted to the official Captain Canuck facebook page earlier this morning.

As a kick off to the Captain Canuck panel at the Toronto ComicCon on Saturday March 8, Fadi Hakim, Dean Henry and Paul Gardner of Captain Canuck Inc. are hosting the WORLD PREMIERE OF CAPTAIN CANUCK- THE SERIES ONE FINALE and the unveiling of the Universal Designs’ Limited REAL WORLD CAPTAIN CANUCK UNIFORM on March 6 at The Great Hall. 7-11 PM, at 1087 Queen Street West, Toronto. Entrance is free.

The World Premiere of Captain Canuck- The Series One Finale which will be hosted by INNERSpace’s Ajay Fry, wil...l feature a sneak peak of the fifth and final episode of the first arc of the web series before announcing plans for Series Two. Live music will be performed by artists from some of the episodes: Daniel Greaves from the Watchmen sings Oh Canada to open, Wordburglar debuts new Canuck song, and Mark Holmes from Platinum Blonde will do an acoustic 'It Doesn't Really Matter'.

And then there is the presentation of the new uniform. “The Captain Canuck uniform, the first of its kind, is a fully functional, everyday wearable, yet believable uniform that uses motorcycle grade body armor and a combination of both suede and smooth grain leather with 3D raised silicone hexagon prints all over the red suede. Like Canuck himself, the uniform is imposing, yet friendly. Every inch of this uniform was carefully designed. We tanned the leather specifically for this project and even went as far as to make an organic shaped ‘Back Pack’ to house his signature weapons. The project was very complicated, but the end result is not only beautiful… but worthy of Canada’s hero. Captain Canuck is coming,” says David Pea - architect of the real world Captain Canuck uniform, President UD Replicas - Universal Designs Ltd.

Talent attending that evening will include:
Fadi Hakim - Captain Canuck producer
Richard Comely – Creator
Kris Holden-Ried - Actor (Canuck)
David Pea - architect of the real world Captain Canuck uniform
Kalman Andrasofszky- Captain Canuck Designer (NYX: No Way Home, X-Treme X-Men, X-23) and a host of Canada's Comic Book heavyweights


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