"Sex After Kids" opening date details announced!

Win tickets to the premier! A message from the movie's director:

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Greetings all!  After a successful festival run with sell-out crowds and some wonderful awards we’re excited that Sex After Kids is starting it’s official release.  We’ve been selling the film through-out the world with releases that will be triggered through 2014, but we get to start right in our own country.  Starting on February 7th we’ll be releasing the film in Toronto at the Carlton Cinema.  It will be screening at 1:30pm and 6:40pm daily, and on our opening weekend we’ll be doing Q&As with our cast at the evening screenings on the 7th, 8th, and 9th. (cast will be rotating through-out the weekend, and we’ll post a schedule of who will appear on which night on our Facebook page for those interested).  

If you haven’t seen it yet we released our new REDBAND trailer:


Please spread the word about it and our release date!  The opening weekend for a small film like ours is crucial for getting additional weekends in Toronto as well as expanding to other Canadian cities (which is currently the plan).  Every little bit helps.

Also!  For those coming from out of town, Carlton isn’t a massive theatre and their only pre-order system is done in person at the box office.  So, for opening weekend, if you are not in Toronto, but want to make sure you get a ticket e-mail us at sakmovie@gmail.com and we’ll make arrangements with you.  That being said, there is a way to get FREE TICKETS…

Something we're excited to do is hold a "Tell us your best Sex After Kids story" contest.  For those without kids feel free to steal stories from people you know!  Tell the story in the medium that best suits you: make a video, drawing, or comic, write a poem or a limerick.  Post it to all of your social media accounts with the following information: Our URL www.sakmovie.com and Twitter handle @SexAfterKids, and “Sex After Kids release contest – Opening in Toronto February 7th”.  We’ll be awarding 4 prize packs that will include 2 tickets to a screening during our opening weekend in Toronto, a t-shirt, and a full-sized movie poster.  The contest ends January 31st.  Make sure you also let us know about your entry by sending us the link via Twitter or Facebook.

Thanks again for your support, we couldn’t have done this without you!



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